Monday, November 10, 2008

Boyhood Dream Come True

I realize that this will not resonate with many people. Everyone has dreams that come from their childhood, and that one person's dream can be pretty much blah to someone else. This is about one of my dreams.

Many years ago we were either living with or visiting my mom's family in Pennsylvania. I was able to spend some time with my cousin David May, who was a ham radio operator (K3MUA). I remember him putting the microphone into my hand and telling me to talk. I did, and it was fun, and he was impressed that I didn't clam up as did most people.

From that day forward I have wanted to get my ham license. I stabbed at it a few times, but frankly was scared of having to learn Morse Code to pass the test.

Then, in February, 2007, the Morse Code requirement was dropped.

I finally took the plunge. The stake started up a Technician Class (the first of three license classes) class, which I started attending. Then I really got the bug, studied a lot, took the practice tests, and finally, last night, passed the real test.

I'm a ham. I'm happy. My boyhood dream has come true.

Last night after passing I told the examiner what it meant to me, and he announced it to the whole club, who had gathered for their monthly meeting. They clapped and cheered for me :)

I am studying real hard to pass the General Class test on Thursday, before the last of the nine classes starts, so that I can go to the class with two licenses in my hand. That would be sweet!

I'm a ham!!!


Mandi said...

You go!!! I am proud of you, I am sure the general test will go well. M

Anonymous said...

Look at you!! That is great! Radio, in whatever form, has always fascinated me. To just know that I could be entertaining countless people. Then with the benefit of them not staring back at me or making faces or booing. Great stuff! Good luck on the rest of it!


Pete said...

LOL So.... the obvious question is, when are you going to get YOUR amateur license? Waiting until you're 60 isn't as much fun as getting it in your 30's :)

motherof8 said...

Good lesson to us all - Never give up on your dreams.