Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mickey Mouse Club

When I was very young we lived on Fort Meyer, Virginia. We lived there from 1953-1955, so I was in the neighborhood of 5-7.

The Mickey Mouse Club started in 1955 (I had to look that up) and everyone knew when the first episode would be.

I don't remember exactly what I had done, but I had done something to get myself banned from tv and wasn't going to be able see that important first episode. So I went over to a friend's house to watch it :)

His mom asked me why I wasn't watching it at home, and being essentially a good (but obviously not too bright ;) ) kid, I told her.

Well, I didn't get to watch it there, either.


YMGD Recipes said...

HAHA What a bummer!!! That's too bad!

motherof8 said...

That's too bad! I missed it because I was oblivious.

Funny how the 'little disappointments' from our childhood linger. I was sick and had to stay home when my family all went to see 'Born Free'. Mom promised she would take me to see it when I got better. Never happened. I don't think I have seen it yet. Read the book, though.

Bekah said...

Haha! You gotta lov little kids!