Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bekah kept me awake

Every year, like clockwork, we piled the whole family into our 9-seater VW van and made the trek to Utah.

We had learned that the 12-hour trip went faster and easier if we went at night so that the kids slept. I'm sure millions of parents have done this over the years.

Well the problem was, of course, my staying awake. We solved that by having a designated talker - Bekah - sit up front with me and keep me from dozing.

She was the perfect choice.


motherof8 said...

Books on tape are good, too. I listened to the Travels of Marco Polo on one road trip. I don't think I could ever have waded through just reading it, but it was good on the road.

Bekah said...

I am still really curious about what I said all those many hours! I don't remember it at all. I will have to ask Heavenly Father to see that video when I get to Heaven.