Sunday, December 26, 2010


Our instructor in High Priest Group today told a really funny story. I believe it was a story that came from one of the General Authorities.

There was a woman at the airport waiting for her flight. She was hungry, so purchased a bag of cookies from the convenience store. Of course being inside the airport she had to pay a premium for them.

In the waiting area there was a bank of seats facing another bank of seats with a table between them. There was a man sitting across the table from her.

She took a cookie from the bag which was now on the table. The man also took a cookie. She was miffed but didn't say anything.

She took another cookie and another cookie, and each time she took one the man also took one. She started to get really angry. How dare he!

Finally there was one cookie left in the bag. The man gestured for her to take it, which she did. But by this point she was so angry that she got up and stomped over to wait in line for her flight.

Once aboard the plane and situated in her seat, she opened her purse.

There was her bag of cookies.

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