Monday, August 6, 2012

Journey, Day 0

Before I begin the next few posts, some background information needs to be given.

I lost my 5 year 5 month job with Critical Logic on May 31, 2012. It was neither welcome nor unexpected. The company had lost its biggest client and we all knew it was hurting.

There were two of us who were laid off that day. Since then, on the last day of July, five more were laid off, everyone who was left got a 20% pay cut and the corporate headquarters have been subleased.

But on with my story. I immediately put my résumé out in, the premier site for tech jobs. Inquiries started poring in. I had many interviews, including one in Bellevue, WA and Boulder, CO.

Nothing gelled though until NCR in East Haven, CT. On July 23, 2012, I got the call from my agent, Jamie Martin, that NCR wanted me, and that once a background check and a drug test were complete, I could start!

The first three months will be a "try before you buy" period for both of us. I will be a contractor, which means that either they or I can terminate the relationship at any time. If everyone is still happy after the three months they will make me an offer to be a permanent employee. I won't even think about moving my family there until they do.

I have gone through so many emotions since that day, plus lots of getting ready and saying goodbye. I will try to talk about all of them in the posts to follow, though I will start out with just the trek from here to there.