Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Dance?

Okay, when Cameron, one of my kindergarten grandsons, started talking about going to the Halloween dance last Friday at school, I thought he was just confused.

So Saturday I asked him what he got at his party, expecting to hear about all the candy he hauled in.

Nope, they had a dance. He didn't dance with any girls, only with Hunter, his best friend.


motherof8 said...

Kindergarten dance?? And I didn't let mine go to middle school dances. Come to think of it, though, one might have snuck in a couple of times. As a member of student council she "had" to hep decorate.

I am an advocate of all age family dances. However, the same child probably close to kindergarten age, was found kissing behind a rolling blackboard at a church family dance. I believe I told her "No lippy lippy."

I worried about that one now and then. No real need. She is now safely and happily sealed to a great guy.

Pete said...

"No lippy lippy". I'll have to remember that one :)