Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Vacations

I had this idea a while ago for two really fun vacations. Now mind you, I have no idea what the respective moms and dads would think of this, but here it is anyway.

I would like to take all of our grandsons for a combined trip to Disneyland: Sam, Brenden, Wyatt, Cameron, Ian, Aiden and Deakin. Fly them all in, rent a van and stuff them all in our hotel room.

Then take all of our granddaughters and do the same: Arminda, Lara, Sarah, Breanna.

Wouldn't that be fun? I think so.


motherof8 said...

Sounds wonderful!

Any particular reason for the separaton of guys and gals? I suppose one will do all the adventure stuff and the other all the princesses. That makes sense.

I hope you can do it.

YMGD Recipes said...

I don't think you could handle all the grandsons together. Most of them are troublemakers alone, let alone while you're trying to watch several others. :)

Pete said...
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Pete said...

Hey, NONE of my grandsons are trouble makers! They are just "spirited" :) LOL

Pete said...

Herding girls is SO much different than herding boys, and they definitely like to see different parts of Disneyland. Of course it would be really wonderful to just take everyone, including the parents. Just rent the whole park for a night!

Anonymous said...

i would have to attend with my son... it's not that I don't trust your abilities to take good care. but i would just have to come to make sure Wyatt's doing ok. ;)

YMGD Recipes said...

Haha what Tim really means is, "not fair for Wyatt to go when I don't get to go".
Tim, we'd just go on our the same time. We'll laugh at Dad and Sally when they're poop'ed all night long, and still stay out later. :)

Pete said...

Tim's real intent was not hard to figure out ;) We would just put Wyatt in charge of one of the younger ones. Besides, we would take handcuffs and chain the whole group of them together. So there!