Monday, May 17, 2010


A Prairie Home Companion is coming to Spokane!

I guess most people don't think of this as a momentous occasion, but I've been listening to it (on National Public Radio) for decades, and even just listening to the opening lines warms my heart.

For those of you who are interested, and don't know what A Prairie Home Companion is, google it :) but the Reader's Digest version is that it is the brainchild of Garrison Keillor, who is one of the great storytellers of our time. His show is based on the formula of "old time" radio that was popular before television, and has lots of folk music and skits.

Even more sweet is that my son David and his family (wife and 1.5 kids) will be here that weekend. David is also a PHC fan and is going with me.

(It's June 12, 2010, if anyone wants to join us).

One other act coming to town that I don't think we're going to get to, unfortunately, is Celtic Woman, and you really have to see them to understand. They each have music talent pouring out of every pore, and together they are absolutely dynamite. They are coming May 20, 2010.

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