Sunday, May 9, 2010

Washing Dishes in the Temple

When I was a student at BYU they began building the Provo Temple. The construction site itself was great, it gave us an excuse to take someone of the opposite gender on a drive and make out.

Anyway, when the construction was almost complete my best friend Dave Schepps and I got jobs in the cafeteria washing dishes. I don't know why we got those jobs, but it seems like the cooking staff were all full-timers, whereas we were students and could only work part time.

It was a fun job. We had an automatic dishwasher where all we had to do was put plates/silverware/glasses/whatever in containers and run them through. If they didn't come out clean we would run them through again.

But best of all was this 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal that would grind just about anything, at least until it got jammed. Then we were really in trouble.

All the people who were eating the food could see was a window where they deposited their dirty dishes. We would stand on the other side of the window and do what we did. But while I was there, I sang. Songs from Broadway, or church songs, or whatever.

The Temple President, President Clark, pulled me aside once and told me the singing was good, but too loud. So I toned it down.

The best thing that came from the experience was that when Mildred and I got married I asked President Clark to perform the marriage, which he did.

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