Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dance Festival

I was a member of the church for one year and two weeks when I left on my mission. That wasn't a lot of time to get to know how to "be" a mormon.

But two things I did get to do were Roadshows and Dance Festival.

I lived in Novato, California and we were in the Santa Rosa Stake. The stake went all the way up north to Willits, and all the way south to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We did Dance Festival at three levels, first on the ward level, where we performed out in the back parking lot, then on the stake level, where we drove the 33 miles to the stake center and performed there, then on the regional level.

The regional dance festival must have taken in the whole Bay Area and was held in Spartan Stadium of San Jose State University. And what a thrill it was! 1500 kids all out on the football field, dancing, together, under the lights.

To this day I remember what a moving experience that was, and how impressed my parents were, sitting up in the audience. They didn't attend a lot of church stuff I did, but they did attend that.

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